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On Thursay 19th March 2009 Martin Lloyd gave us a lesson on how to build a V1 Buzz bomb (AKA Doodlebug), a pilotless aeroplane of amazing simplicity, cheap to make and it only had to last for one trip of 35 minutes flying time! Then he took us on a photographic tour of some of the original launching sites in Northern France.

In defence, the allies started bombing these sites while the concrete was still wet which made an awful mess of the French countryside. In response mobile launching sites were developed by the Germans and these were also used in Belgium and Holland.

A total of 6,721 V1 doodlebugs and V2 rockets were fired over Kent towards London of which over 4,000 were shot down. Martin gave us a fascinating glimpse into recent history and a little insight into the technology of the day.

Be vigilant in Higham and watch out for enthusiasts with large unidentified projects – they may be building a V1 in their gardens...


Report written by Polly Chandler.

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