The History Group has a growing collection of old photographs and is very keen to collect more. We are interested in all areas of life in the past including: pictures of people in front of shops or buildings that are no longer here; social occasions and carnival processions; School or Church activities; agricultural scenes – farm workers, machinery, hop or fruit picking. The list is endless and we are very keen to look at any photos that you have.

You do not have to part with your precious photos because we can copy them whilst you are present. Please can you have a look in your cupboards and see what you can find. You can contact us by email here.

Pictured below are some photos that were added to our collection.


1. A postcard showing Forge Lane – date unknown. Do you recognise the two children or the delivery van? [HVHG Collection]

Forge Lane, Mid-Higham.  Date unknown.  [HVHG Collection]
 Parade of Young Ladies, c.1950. [S. Darby]



2. A parade of young ladies from Higham – 1950’s. We do not have a lot of information about this picture and would like to know more about it. Sheelagh Darby is in the front on the left and pictured behind her is Pat Hayes.
Picture credit S. Darby.



3. Mrs Pope and her daughters are pictured in front of their home Clerk’s Cottage in Church Street. The front of the cottage had been recently rendered. Date unknown. [HVHG Collection]

 Mrs Pope and daughters of Clerk's Cottage, Church Street, Lower Higham.  Date unknown.  [HVHG Collection]
 Clerk's Cottage, Church Street, Lower Higham.  Date unknown. [HVHG Collection]



4. Another view of Clerk’s Cottage showing the roof being re-thatched. We suspect that it is a visiting nurse who is pictured talking to Miss Pope. Date unknown. [HVHG Collection]


5. We also record changes that are taking place at the present time. This picture shows a barn conversion in progress in Lower Higham in October 2004. Picture credit Sue Williams.

Barn conversion, Lower Higham.  Oct 2004. [Sue Williams] 
 British Uralite workers, early 1950's. [Andrew Rootes]
6. Do you recognise these ladies who are pictured at work in the British Uralite in the early 1950’s? Picture credit Andrew Rootes.



7. Scout Leader Sam Weller escorts the Rose Queen Procession along Hermitage Road in 1962. Picture credit Betty Weller.

Higham's Rose Queen Procession, 1962. [Betty Weller]
Coronation Fancy Dress competition, 1953. [Jill Morgan]



8. 14 year old Jill Harpum is pictured outside her home, 6 Providence Cottages in Crutches Lane. Jill is wearing the costume that she designed and made herself entitled ‘The Crown Jewels’. We are pleased to report that Jill won first prize for this costume in the fancy dress section of the procession to celebrate the coronation in 1953.  Picture credit Jill Morgan.




9. Jill went to Art College after she left school and this is a sketch that she did of Villa Road in 1955/6. Picture credit Jill Morgan.

Sketch of Villa Road, Mid Higham.  1955/6. [Jill Morgan]
Fishing in the Thames-Medway Canal at Higham, 1959. [Linda Fagence]




10. The summer of 1959 was long and hot. These boys are enjoying fishing in the canal which was not overgrown then.
Picture credit Linda Fagence

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