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    by Colin Coe


    24 NOVEMBER 2005

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On a cold winter’s evening, Colin Coe entertained us with his mix of slides to the accompaniment of appropriate music/words.

Advertisements of Yesteryear

We saw adverts for a variety of goods, some of which you can still obtain now. Some of those shown were:-

Your Country Needs You – (War)
Liver Salts – 1910
Bisto / OXO
Bournville – jar floating in the sea – ‘Stop that Sinking Feeling’
Camp Coffee
Esso – Tiger in your Tank
Cereals – Quaker
Razors – with a baby shaving – ‘Begin Early, shave yourself’ The Advertising Standards Agency would ban that one now!
Blue Gillette Razors
Guinness – 1934
Horniman’s Tea
Milk – Drinka Pinta Milka a day!
22/9/1955 – TV started -2nd advert = nuts
How May Schweppes to Christmas – 1960’s
Skegness, holiday destination
Toni Perm
Sugar – may be nationalised

Rochester At Night

We saw pictures of the M/V ‘Medway Queen’ & various Rochester scenes including atmospheric photos of the Cathedral.

Pilgrims Way In Kent

Here we viewed various locations, that you would traverse on your pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral, commencing with
Chevening Park
River Darenth / Otford
Various Churches
Trottiscliffe pronounced Trosley
Long Barrow – miniature Stonehenge type ruins looking over Kits Coty
Boxley Abbey
Tudor Rose ph near Sittingbourne
House – ½ timber ½ brick
Hollingbourne – Ph = Pilgrims Rest now called Dirty Packet
Tapestry in one Church, which took 3 women 12 years to finish
Harrietsham – John the Baptist beheaded
Charing – Spring / water mill
Tomb of Richard III
Bodmingham – no pub
Harbledown ex Leprosy Hosp

Pilgrims from Winchester to Canterbury


Flowers at Leonardslee Gardens


Christmas card scenes.

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