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photograph of the November 2010 poster

You’ve seen the pictures so many times, but we had a full explanation of the kit worn by the First World War “tommies” at our November meeting. Chris Barker in full battle dress explained each piece of kit which included a warm wool uniform, trousers with braces, brown leather boots with metal sole studs, a tool for digging trenches, a cut-throat razor with sharpener (as beards were not allowed), a field dressing and a rifle with attachable bayonet. There was no dog tag until 1916 and the first ones were compressed fibre. These biodegraded in the wet and hence there were so many unidentified bodies. Steel helmets, known as Brodies, were not issued until 1915 and replaced the issued wool caps. Grenades were originally 7 second fused but as some of them were thrown back before they exploded 5 second fuses soon replaced them.


Report written by Polly Chandler.

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