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Quality of life was very different, there were poor houses etc. What do you think is the best part of life, teenager/twenty’s/Older person? Life was short years ago & you were more involved in death. Now Some babies are kept alive longer, but can result in disability whereas they would have died in the past. Death can now be put off for many years, but what of the Quality of life?

30 years ago, you may have known all the village, now would be more like 10%. 40 years ago, you would have known people from the cradle to the grave, now possibly only 5 or 6. In 1970, 10% would have been pensioners, now 40%.

Entertainment today, is at the press of a button, whereas in the past you had to entertain yourself. Life is more exciting now but very stressful. E.g., barge meandering along the canal close to the very busy M6.

Afterwards, this talk generated quite a discussion with our HVHG Members and the speaker.

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