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    Murder, Sex and Mayhem
    in English Churches


    by John Vigar


    Report of meeting held
    on Thursday, 21st November 2013


Our speaker in November was John Vigar showing slides of the illustrations of Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English Churches. Many stone and stained glass depictions of the martyrdom of Saints exist.

At Bishopsbourne a wall painting depicts St Edmond being murdered - shot through by arrows. In Chaldon Church in Surrey a huge doom painting shows the mayhem and horror of hell, your fate if your life was not worthy. Even the balance scales weighing the souls were being tampered with by the devil, who had his finger weighing down the opposite side.


If you want to see the other category there are three stone carvings above the West door of Rochester Cathedral. The first depicts an old man and a young woman – marry someone your own age!

As for the other two–well you’ll have to go and look for yourself!

Report written by Polly Chandler.

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