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They are mainly red and 4' 6” with collection times stated on the front but with various designs & different plaques.

Post has evolved from paying by the amount of pages sent & by coach/horses. In 1797 it took 43 hours to travel from London to Edinburgh but by 1820 the persons receiving mail had to pay for it. The 1st GPO was opened in 1838, mail went from Birmingham to London but was sorted on route. 1840 Penny Post was launched. 1846 mail now went by rail.

York Railway Street has green boxes, as well as in Ireland. Blue on Lundy Island, as well as their own stamps. Airmail boxes were built in 1930-1938. There is a wood panelled box at County Hall, Maidstone. Each box has its own key with brass tags. Scotland have a different Crown on their boxes and no VR2.

Among the various artifacts on show were key rings, money boxes, clocks, mugs, cruet sets, tea towels etc & various novelty items.

The Speaker is a member of the Letter Box Study Group.

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